The objective of this site is to collect and review what I’ll call Academic Podcasts. So far I have included primarily academic courses, university public lectures and the “classics” for example Plato’s Republic.  I’m aggressively downloading everything that is available. My IPod is becoming a personal, portable university, 15 gigs and growing.  








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Updated April 9, 2007.


Wayne R Hudson


Featured Lecture


Berkeley University Philosophy 6 Man, God, and Society in Western Literature- Spring 2007 taught by Herbert Dreyfus

From gods to God and back This course contrasts the Greek, Medieval and Modern worlds as expressed in their greatest literature, Homer, Odyssey; Aeschylus, Oresteia; Virgil Aeneid; Dante; Divine Comedy, Melville, Moby Dick. The course analyzes how western polytheism gradually became more and more monolithic until everything was understood in relation to a single God, and then how this synthesis fell apart and left our culture with a choice between nihilism and a return to polytheism. Through careful reading of difficult texts an understanding of the cultural paradigms that have formed and focused our shared beliefs and practices are compared. The student is challenged to contrast his own understanding of his state of being with historial cases defined in great works of art discussed in the course.


Public Lectures and Media Discussions

Princeton University Lectures – Invited Speakers; 83 lectures

TVO Big Ideas – Guest Lectures; 50 lectures

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – Stanford Invited Guests; 32 lectures

Georgetown Law – Faculty and Invited Guests; 19 lectures

PRI The World: Technology – BBC; 33 lectures

NY Public Radio – TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference; 41 lectures

Berkeley IAS 180 – Spring 2006: US Foreign Policy After 9/11

Yale University Lectures– Yale faculty, alumni and distinguished visitors; 31 lectures

Harvard Business Review Idea Cast; 37 lectures

University of Chicago Human Rights Program Distinguished Lecturer Series



Plato’s Republic- ; 11 lectures

12 Byzantine Rulers – Lars Brownworth, Stoney Brook School; 14 lectures

The Thomas Jefferson Hour – 50 lectures, Clay Jenkinson; conversations with Jefferson

TNP: Napoleon – 18 episodes

Great Speeches in History; 10

Military History Podcast – George Hageman; 69 lectures


Oxford Biographies – 19 lectures

The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson – 11 lectures

British History – Michael Anthony; 19 lectures


BBC In Our Time – Melvyn Bragg; 8 episodes

Berkeley Geo 10 World Regions, Peoples and States

European Civilizations – Berkeley University– 28 lectures

Berkeley History 5 – Fall 2006 European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present

Berkeley History 7B – Spring 2006: US History: from Civil War to Present

The History Network

Thomas Macaulay’s History of England






Berkeley – Philosophy 6 Man, God and Society – 21 lectures

Berkeley – Philosophy 7 Existentialism in Literature and Film – 21 lectures











Stars, Galaxies & the Universe, Astronomy – Richard Pogge; 42 lectures

Solar System Astronomy - Richard Pogge; 46 lectures

Harvard Computer Science – David J. Malan; 101 lectures

Solid State Devices – Berkley University

60 Second Science – Scientific American; 60 episodes

Chemistry Demonstrations – Bob Burk, Carleton University; 28 demos

Physics for Future Presidents - UC Berkeley; 26 lectures

UC Davis Quantum Mechanics – John Terning; 25 lectures

Anatomy and Physiology – Gerald Cizadlo, College of Saint Scholastica

Engineering Works – Texas A&M; 10 lectures


Berkeley Astro C10/ LS C70U – Fall 2006: Introduction to General Astronomy

Astronomy 161 – Introduction to Solar System Astronomy

Berkeley Center for Internet and Society

Berkeley CS 162 – Spring 2006: Operating Systems and System Programming

Berkeley CS 61B – Spring 2006: Data Structures

Berkeley EE 225B – Spring 2006: Digital Image Processing

Berkeley EE 231 -  Spring 2006: Solid State Devices

Berkeley Eng 45 – Fall 2006: Properties of Materials

Berkeley LS 70B – Spring 2007: Physical Science

Berkeley MCB 102 Fall 2006: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Berkeley NS 10 – Spring 2007: Introduction to Human Nutrition

Nervous System Podcasts

Berkeley Physics 10 – Fall 2006: Physics for Future Presidents

SJSU Physics 50 Lectures

Berkeley Psych 156 – Fall 2006: Human Emotion

Berkeley Psych 160 – Spring 2007: Social Psychology

UC Davis Quantum Mechanics 115B





Economics and Mathematics

Berkeley Econ 100A – Spring 2006: Microeconomic Analysis

Berkeley Econ 100B – Spring 2006: Macroeconomic Analysis

Berkeley Strategic Economics: Introductory Game Theory







Berkeley Stat 2 -Fall 2006: Introduction to Statistics



Everything Else

US Foreign Policy After 9/11

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

Human Emotion – Dacher Keltner, UC Berkley; 26 lectures

Strategic Economics: Game Theory

Frankenstein – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley; 25 lectures

Justice Talking – NPR; 10 debates

General Human Anatomy – Marian Diamond, UC Berkeley; 40 lectures

The United States Constitutions

War of the Worlds





Princeton University – Kevin Guthrie Ithaka: When Worlds Collide

Kevin Guthrie discusses the rapidity of technology change and the impact on information paradigms. He sights his experiences with JStor; making technical journals internet searchable and downloadable. He sights Google as the example most people have experienced. And he projects how rapidly these phenomena come on the horizon and pass on into oblivion as the next new paradigm phoenixes makes it out dated. Princeton Podcasts are uniformly very high quality, in ever respect, – they get excellent, knowledgeable, insightful lecturers and excellent questions. 



Arthur Miller on TVO Big Ideas – Parallel biographies of Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso

This morning I listen to a lecture by Arthur Miller on TVO Big Ideas Podcast. They record a weekly radio show in Ontario that is dedicated to the art of lecturing on big ideas. I selected this lecture because Arthur Miller was the lecturer. It turns out he is not the Miller that was married to Marilyn. He is an English professor who lectured on the parallel biographies of Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso. It turns out they were both inspired by Poincare’s ideas on the fourth dimension. Miller finds many other interesting similarities. He has written a book on this subject that sounds like a great read.



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